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Total Available Time - 45 mins

Total Number of Questions - 4

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5G Cross Dipole Antenna Array — Simulation Quiz

Total number of questions - 4
Simulate the following cases using Antenna Toolkit before starting the quiz. For each case, create a new design and rename it.
Case A: Inset fed patch antenna - solution frequency 3.6 GHz, substrate material duroid, substrate thickness 0.2 cm.
Case B: 1x4 Inset fed patch antenna with finite array wizard using case A.
Case C: Apply beam steering of 45 degree to "ScanAngleTheta" variable to Case B.

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In case B, what is the frequency range in which the antenna array has a minimum S11 value?

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In case C, what is the range in which the maximum value of the gain lies?

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In case A, what is the range in which the real value of the Z parameter lies for 3.6 GHz frequency?


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In case B, what is the magnitude of array factor?

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