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5G Cross Dipole Antenna Array — Theory Quiz



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Which polarization type maintains a constant magnitude of the electric field?

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Which method is used in newer generation of mobile communication to achieve diversity?

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How do you access the Create Array command in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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What steps are necessary to create a 3D Component from HFSS design in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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Which of the following solution type provides excitation values in terms of voltage and current in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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For spatial diversity, what is the distance between two antennas?

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Which of the following criteria is used to determine if a solution is converged successfully in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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Which of the following is considered as the ideal path for point to point communication?

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In a cross dipole antenna, what is the angle between the two radiating elements to achieve dual polarization?

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Which port type can be used to create an infinite array in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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