Introduction to CSTRs

The Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTRs) are a general type of industrial chemical reactors widely used in chemical, biomedical, and environmental engineering. The primary purpose of these CSTRs is to ensure a thorough 'perfect' mixing of reactants as soon as they enter the tank. These reactants spend an optimal period of time inside the tank undergoing a chemical reaction, and a continuous stream of generated products is withdrawn from the tank. In the health care industry, bioreactors, a specialized class of CSTRs, are extensively used for growing biochemically active substances such as yeast, bacteria, tissues, and cell cultures. At an industrial scale, these bioreactors are widely used by the pharmaceutical sector for producing vaccines and antibodies.

This lesson will lay the foundation for the course by introducing the CSTRs. We will learn about its various components - cylindrical tank, agitator or impeller, and baffles. Finally, we will outline the simulation workflow details that will help create a map of the lesson to follow.

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