Steady State Simulation Setup in Ansys Fluent

The Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) approach can be used to model the movement of parts without the necessity of employing mesh motion. To employ the MRF approach, as discussed in the previous lesson, the fluid domain is divided into different cell zones such that each moving part is enclosed in a separate cell zone in which the fluid flow equations recast in the moving reference frame are solved. Using this approach, the inherently unsteady problem of fluid flow around a rotating impeller is modeled as a steady-state problem with respect to the moving frame.

In this lesson, we will look at the steps involved in setting up an MRF approach-based simulation in Ansys Fluent such as setting cell zone properties, boundary conditions, convergence conditions, and report definitions to monitor simulation progress. For setting up this simulation, you can either use the mesh created in the previous lesson or start with the mesh file provided here.

Link to Video on SharePoint - [Video]