Foundations in Stress Analysis using Ansys Mechanical - Theory Quiz

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Foundations in Stress Analysis using Ansys Mechanical - Theory Quiz

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Why is cork but not rubber typically used for the material of a wine bottle stopper? Select the 2 best answers

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Which two statements are true for cases involving free thermal expansion?

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Volumetric expansion occurs when all shear strain components are zero and all normal strain components are equal to each other (i.e., $e_{xy}=e_{xz}=e_{yz}=0$ but $e_{xx}=e_{yy}=e_{zz}$). Select the correct statement.

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Which statement is true about a stress tensor? Choose two best options.

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The constitutive model is a mathematical relationship between _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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There are two cases of principal stresses: case 1 has $s_1$ = 20 MPa, $s_2$ = 0, $s_3$ = 0 while case 2 has $s_1$ = 40 MPa, $s_2$ = 40 MPa, $s_3$ = 20 MPa. Which of the following statements are correct? Choose two best options.

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Consider a situation where there are two geometrically identical brackets, each made with a different grade of plastic that have different elastic moduli (stiffness). Both brackets are constrained and loaded in the same manner. Select two statements which are true, assuming linear response.

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Plasticity is volume preserving. Based on this statement, which measure of strain is associated with plasticity? Select the best option.

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Consider a specimen made of rubber, fixed on one end with a tensile force applied at the other end. Compare this to the same geometry made of steel under the same loading condition. Why does the rubber structure specimen deform more than the steel specimen under the same loading conditions?  Select the 2 best options.

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What is the internal force on a particle of a body? Choose the best option.

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Poisson's ratio _____. Select the 2 best options that complete the sentence.

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Which of the following are examples of thermal expansion? Choose 2 best options.

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Hooke's Law states that _____. Select the 2 best answers that complete the statement.

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If the body is constrained to prevent free thermal expansion, then _____. Select the best option that completes the sentence.

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A slender bar is fixed at both its ends. It is then heated such that its temperature increases uniformly by $\Delta T$. This produces a thermal strain $x$ in the axial direction. What is the elastic strain produced in the bar in the axial direction?

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Which of the following statements are correct for stress in solid mechanics? Choose two best options.

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Which of the following is a correct definition of 1D true strain?

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How many normal stress components are in a stress tensor?  Choose the best option.

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Consider a one-dimensional bar with one end fixed while the other end has been extended by a displacement of $u_{0}$. The length of the bar = $L$. The one-dimensional stiffness of the material is $E$. If the strain over the bar is $u_{0}/L$, what is the stress over the bar? Choose the best option.

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Select the best option to complete the statement.

The linear elastic constitutive model is _____.

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What causes deformation of a structure? Choose 2 best options.

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What does the coefficient of thermal expansion describe?

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Which of the following statements are true about compressible materials? Choose the two best options.

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Hydrostatic pressure is equal to _____. Select the best option.

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Select the three statements that are correct regarding deformation.

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Which of the following cases can be studied with solid mechanics? Choose the best two options.

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A body with volume V and density d is immersed in water at depth h. It has pressure p acting uniformly in all directions. What is the value of the hydrostatic stress in the body?

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Consider a case with a block of steel and a block of aluminum, neglecting the effect of gravity and assuming linear elastic material response. The two blocks rest on a hard ground and have the same compressive force applied on top. The block of aluminum has _____. Select the 2 best options that complete the sentence for this scenario.

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The measure of how resistant a material is to undergo volumetric strain is called _____. Select the best option.

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Which of the following statements is true about strain? Select the best option.

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What is the definition of stress component $\sigma_{xy}$? Choose the best option.

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In a uniaxial stress-strain test, necking is generally observed before failure for which type of material? Select the best option.

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Which of the following equations defines 1D engineering strain?

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A material which deforms such that it changes its shape but does not change its volume is _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Which equation correctly represents total Strain $\varepsilon ^{Tot}$, where $\varepsilon ^{e}$ = Elastic strain and $\varepsilon ^{th}$ = Thermal Strain ?

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Which of the following analysis types are done on frequency domain? Choose two best options.

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Cork has a Poisson's ratio of 0.0. This means that cork is _____. Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which tensor form is correct for thermal strain?

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The reverse design process relies on topology optimization technology and can help an engineer determine the best shape of the structure for a given set of conditions. Which of the following statements are correct for the reverse design process? Choose two best options.

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Select the three best options that are needed to prepare an engineering problem for simulation.

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How many independent components of shear stresses are in a stress tensor? 

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If von Mises stress is zero, which statement is true? Choose the best option.

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Consider a simulation of a steel beam of an office building where the maximum load capacity needs to be determined. What is the appropriate analysis type? Choose the best option.

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Which results can be obtained from mechanical simulations of flexible bodies under applied loads? Choose three correct options.

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If the max stress at any location on a bike frame exceeds the yield strength of the material, the bike frame will _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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