Foundations in Structural Nonlinearities using Ansys Mechanical - Theory Quiz

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Foundations in Structural Nonlinearities using Ansys Mechanical - Theory Quiz

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Which of the following is a characterization of small strain theory?

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Which method is used to calculate the scalar equivalent for force used to check for convergence? Select the best option.

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Which are the two contact formulations that satisfy the requirements of enforcing contact numerically?

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With regards to frictional contact, choose the statement that best describes Coulomb's law.

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When considering eigenvalue buckling analysis, why is the point on force-displacement curve at which a structure undergoes buckling called a bifurcation point? Select the best option.

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If the objective of the study is to compute a rough estimate of the critical buckling load of a structure, which of these analysis is preferred?

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Which of the following is correct for running an Ansys Simulation? Select the best option.

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A dog bone tensile test of polyethylene illustrates which two types of nonlinearites?

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Simulation of a snap fit assembly of two parts is best described as which type of nonlinearity

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What is the residual deformation in a case of plastic deformation of a metal part?

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Which statement best defines strain?

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Once a ductile metal under a structural load exceeds the elastic limit, it immediately _____. Select the best option.

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If the surface of the body has oriented texture, then _____.

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The "d" parameter in the Mooney-Rivlin Strain Energy expression $\Psi =C_{10}(I_{1}-3)+C_{01}(I_{2}-3)+\frac{1}{d}(J-1)^2$ is inversely proportional to _____.

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What is the key difference between small strain and large strain deformation?

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Which test generates the most accurate characterization of pure shear in a fully incompressible elastomer? Select the best option.

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For the stress state that is on the yield surface the material is_____. Select the two best answers.

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Select the phrase that best describes the nonlinear nature of contact.

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Which of the following makes a large strain calculation nonlinear?

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Which mathematical expression best represents the definition of a stretch ratio as used in hyperelastic material models, where $L$ is the final length in a principal direction, $L_{0}$ is the original length and _____ is the change in original length. Select the best option.

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What is the best way to determine if an analysis needs to include large deformation effects?

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With regards to bonded contact, which of the following statements is correct for the normal and tangential force components developed at the contacting interface?

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Dynamic instabilities occur due to _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Consider a steel dog-bone test specimen under uniaxial tension loading. Initially the relationship between stress and strain ____. Select the two best answers.

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What characteristics most distinguish hyperelastic materials from ductile metals? Select the two best options.

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When the stiffness matrix terms are functions of unknown DOFs, then which of the following is correct?

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A designer needs a quick and rough evaluation of the design. As an analyst how would you proceed towards the simulation? Select the best option.

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Why can the expression for Von Mises yield stress

$\sigma_\upsilon= \sqrt{[(\sigma_{xx}-\sigma_{yy})^2+(\sigma_{yy}-\sigma_{zz})^2+(\sigma_{zz}-\sigma_{xx})^2+6(\sigma_{xy}^2+\sigma_{yz}^2+\sigma_{zx}^2)]/2}$

be rewritten in the principal coordinate system as:

\sqrt{[ ( {\sigma _1}- \sigma _2)^2+( {\sigma _2}- \sigma _3 )^2+( {\sigma _3}- \sigma _1)^2]/2}$

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Local buckling due to weight is noticed along a section of the wall of a large, axisymmetric oil storage tank. You are asked to reproduce the buckling scenario via finite element simulation. Among the options listed, which type of analysis would be best for completing this task?

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For a cardiovascular balloon expandable stent application, why is the stent typically made of a ductile metal?

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What is the key principle behind the successful tuning of a stringed instrument?

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Which of the following is correct regarding the first estimate of stiffness when using the Newton Raphson method? Select the best option.

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Which statement is valid for Penalty Formulation for contact?

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In the von Mises criteria, the expression is composed of the _____ in the principal coordinate system.

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Most ductile metals under a structural load undergo elastic deformation for strain ranges up to _____. Select the best option.

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Structural instabilities may occur due to different reasons, but two common ones are due to a loss of stiffness and due to inertial effects. Dynamic instability describes the latter situation. Which of these cases is NOT a dynamic instability?

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The process of rolling ductile metals into desired shapes with rigid rollers best exemplifies which of the three types of nonlinearities? Select the best option.

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Select the three types of structural nonlinearities:

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From the force-displacement curve of an unstable structure in a static analysis, how can one identify the point of instability? Select the best option.

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Lagrange strain formulation is best characterized as _____. Select the best option to complete the statement.

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What are the characteristics of Bauschinger effect? Select the three best answers.

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A nonlinear analysis was performed of an engineered structure in operation, and nonlinear materials were defined. The resulting force-deflection curve showed the response to be linear. Which of the following statements is the most reasonable conclusion that can be made of the analysis?

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Which of the following is a method used for solving non-linear response of structure? Select the best option.

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How does the Lagrange formulation enforce contact?

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Which key material characteristic is necessary for the proper use of equibiaxial tension and planar shear testing? Select the best option.

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