Simulation Quiz 2

Simulation of a Simplified Hook

A pan weighing 20 N is held by the Stainless-Steel Hook Assembly as shown in the Figure. The assembly has three parts - Bracket, Pin & Hook. The Pin is rigidly fixed to the Bracket. The Hook can swivel relative to the pin and bracket with a frictional coefficient of 0.2. While analyzing the assembly, it is important to ensure that contact regions are defined properly. In this simulation exercise, the contact regions must be defined appropriately to model the correct behavior of the assembly.

Follow the instructions to set up the simulation model and get results BEFORE starting the quiz. Download the instructions and necessary simulation files from here.

Note: The Expected Completion Time for this quiz is 15 mins but the Maximum Available Time to complete the quiz is 30 mins.

Total Available Time - 30 mins

Total Number of Questions - 10

Times up!

Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical - Simulation Quiz 2

Complete the simulation and have all the results ready BEFORE starting the quiz.

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What is the maximum equivalent elastic strain in the assembly?  Select the best option closest to the correct answer. 

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What is the maximum Total Deformation observed in the model?  Select the option that is closest to the correct result. 

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What is the maximum Equivalent Stress of the Pin? Select the option closest to the observed value. 

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Add a Directional Deformation for the pin body in the y direction and select the best option that is closest to the correct peak value. 

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Consider a hypothetical case where the material of the entire hook assembly was changed to aluminum, keeping everything else the same (contact definition, mesh, loads and boundary conditions. (Do not re-run the simulation.)  Aluminum has a similar Poisson’s ratio as steel but has an elastic modulus that is 2.7 times lower. Select the best statement below that is correct. 

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Consider the image of equivalent stress below for the Pin from this simulation.  Select the best option that describes this image.

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Check the Reaction Forces of the model, specifically reaction forces in the x-direction.  Select the best option below that is correct. 

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Which of the following values for “Pinball Radius” would ensure that the top contact region between the Pin and Bracket will be closed? Select the option that would ensure closed contact. 

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Compare the Total Deformation and the Directional Deformations in the x, y, and z directions. Select the best option that is correct.

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What is the maximum Equivalent Stress observed for the entire assembly? Select the option closest to the observed value. 

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