Simulation Quiz 3

Simulation of a Lifting Arm

High-temperature gears weighing 150,000 N are being lifted from a furnace to an open environment with the help of a lifting arm made of steel, as shown in Figure (1). Frictionless belts are used for transporting. The portion of the lifting arm in contact with the gears is assumed to remain at 900 ºC, and heat is lost to the surroundings (20 ºC) via convection (film coefficient of 2.5 W/m2). For this exercise, determine the thermal stresses that develop from this temperature distribution and loading.

Follow the instructions to set up the simulation model and get results BEFORE starting the quiz. Download the instructions and necessary simulation files from here.

Note: The Expected Completion Time for this quiz is 15 mins but the Maximum Available Time to complete the quiz is 30 mins.

Total Available Time - 30 mins

Total Number of Questions - 10

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Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical - Simulation Quiz 3

Complete the simulation and have all the results ready BEFORE starting the quiz.

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What does negative thermal strain indicate? Choose the two best options.

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What is the maximum Total Deformation of the assembly?  Select the option that is closest to the correct answer. 

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Review the Equivalent (von Mises) Elastic Strains in the assembly.  Select the option that is closest to the correct maximum value. 

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What is the location of Maximum Equivalent stress obtained from the simulation for the lifting arm part below?

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Review the Direction Deformation in the y-direction and select the best option below that is a correct statement. 

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Review the Reaction Force at the support at the belt location.  Why is there a non-zero reaction force in the z-direction?  Select the best option. 

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Review the Direction Deformation in the y-direction.  Assume that the Force due to the weight of the gears is ignored.  (Do not re-run the simulation.)  Select the best option below that is a correct statement about the new scenario. 

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If the user decides to take advantage of symmetry and decides to solve the quarter model, which of the following options suit best as magnitude of applied force for the current scenario? 

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What is the minimum temperature observed in the lift-arm assembly? Select the option that is closest to the obtained result.  

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What is the total amount that the lift arm assembly has contracted in the y direction?  Select the best option closest to the correct answer. 

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