Simulation Quiz 4

Simulation of an Exhaust Manifold

An Exhaust Manifold consists of multiple inlets and a single outlet. Inlet Ports are fitted snugly with the Exhaust Valve, with no clearance, but with relative sliding between the two parts. Outlet Port is fitted snugly with the Catalytic Converter, with no clearance. The exhaust gases passing through the Manifold exert an exhaust back pressure of 0.05 MPa against the inner faces of the wall. Analyze this model using the Submodeling approach for the region of interest.

Follow the instructions to set up the simulation model and get results BEFORE starting the quiz. Download the instructions and necessary simulation files from here.

Note: The Expected Completion Time for this quiz is 15 mins but the Maximum Available Time to complete the quiz is 30 mins.

Total Available Time - 30 mins

Total Number of Questions - 10

Times up!

Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical - Simulation Quiz 4

Complete the simulation and have all the results ready BEFORE starting the quiz.

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Where does the maximum Equivalent Stress appear in the Coarse Model? Select the best option.

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What is the Total Reaction Force at the Outlet Port? Select the option closest to the correct result.  

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What is the maximum Total Deformation for the overall Coarse Model? Select the option closest to the correct result.  

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Review the Reaction Force for the Displacement Support applied on the vertex.  What is the reaction force in the z direction?  Select the best option closest to the correct answer. 

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For the given Exhaust Manifold model, which criteria is used to create the Submodel?  

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What is the Maximum Equivalent Stress for the Submodel? Select the option closest to the correct result.  

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Why is the Solution Cell of the Coarse Model system linked to the Setup Cell of the Submodel system?  

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Consider the case utilizing a half-symmetry model for the Exhaust Manifold.  If we model half of the geometry (XY plane), what will be the value of the applied pressure? (Do not re-solve the model.) 

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Which of the following statements is correct concerning the Exhaust Manifold submodel? Select the best option.

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Compare the Equivalent Stress between the Coarse Model and the Submodel.  Specifically, compare the same spatial location between the two systems and select the best option below that is correct. 

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