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Stress Analysis in Ansys Mechanical - Theory Quiz

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Consider a symmetric parachute that is carrying a weight of 200 N in its center. There is air pressure of 30 MPa acting on the bottom of the parachute. If this situation was to be simulated using a half planar symmetry model, select the best option that represents the loading conditions to be applied on the half-symmetry model.

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When defining a Bushing Joint in Ansys Mechanical, the stiffness matrix can be defined for 6 DOF. If we notice that the stiffness values are only given for the diagonal entries, what does this signify? Select the best option.

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Which of the following inertial load is always applied to "all bodies" of a model? Select the best option.

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In a 2D analysis, once the 3D model is reduced to a 2D model, which of the following advantages can be observed? Select the two best options.

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In SpaceClaim, after creating mid-surfaces from solid bodies, which of the following steps is required to allow generation of a conformal mesh? Select the best option.

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Before performing a finite element simulation, one needs to select the geometry for simulation. Which of the following is TRUE for regions of interest? Select the best option.

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In the submodeling approach, the cut-boundaries are placed far away from the region of interest. It is because if cut boundaries are placed near the region of interest, _____ may be violated. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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In Ansys Mechanical, while analyzing stress results, if we observe that the equivalent stress values are exceeding the yield stress value of the material used then, we can _____. Select the two best options.

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In which of the following contact types is sliding NOT allowed?

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Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding a thermal-stress simulation involving a steady state thermal analysis and a static structural analysis? Select the best two options.

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Which of the following statements about inertia relief is TRUE? Select the best two options.

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While performing a Stress Analysis, the stress gradient generally _____ with decrease in the mesh size, except for a stress-singularity case where it _____. Select the best option that completes the statement.

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A Table has a pulley hanging on one of its end and the other end has some decorative letters imprinted on it. We are interested in finding the stress distribution on the table due to the varying loads being applied on pulley. To carry out a finite element simulation, which of the following is TRUE for this scenerio? Select the best option.

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Which of the following statements are True regarding finite element analysis? Choose the two best possible options.

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In Ansys Mechanical, when analyzing pressure vessels, in order to determine the membrane and bending stresses, we need to use _____ . Select the best option that completes the statement.

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In Ansys Mechanical, if the model is observed to have stress singularities, which of the following statements are TRUE when Adaptive Convergence is used? Select the best two options

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A(n) _____, when applied to the faces lying on the symmetry plane, gives the same results as a Symmetry Region for 3D solid bodies. Select the option that best completes the sentence.

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In a finite element analysis, if we want to include inertial loads for our simulation which of the following material property needs to be added in addition to Elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio? Select the best option.

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What is the use of Yield and Ultimate Strength of a material in Engineering Data?

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In a finite element analysis, Remote Points can be used to approximate behaviour and kinematics of scoped geometry through the use of a single point. Up to how many degrees of freedom (DOF) does a Remote Point have? Select the best option.

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In Finite Element Analysis, the element has _____ as the unknown quantity that is solved for at all the nodes. Select the best option that completes the statement.

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In Ansys Mechanical, contacts between parts are automatically detected within a tolerance and are assigned _____ type by default. Select the best option that completes the statement.

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Which of the following options may cause artificially high stresses in a 3D mesh? Choose the three best possible options.

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Directional deformation results are plotted in Ansys Mechanical with default settings. Which of the following two statements are correct regarding them? Select the two best options.

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Which of the following Supports should NOT be used for Large Deflection analyses?

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In Ansys Mechanical, small discrepancies can be observed between the mass reported in the solver output and the mass value mentioned in the Geometry Properties of the part because of various reasons? Select the two best options.

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Consider a hollow cylinder of thickness 10mm whose inner and outer radius has been parameterized as P1 and P2 respectively. To maintain constant thickness of the hollow cylinder, the expression for outer radius will be:

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In Ansys Mechanical, which of the following options are TRUE regarding Weak Springs? Select the two best options.

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Stress is a _____ order tensor with _____ components.

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Consider a case where a 3D solid body is first meshed with quadratic hexahedral elements, then meshed with quadratic tetrahedral elements of similar mesh density. How would results compare between the two cases? Select the 3 best options.

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Identify the False statement from the following options? Review all options and select the best one that is not true.

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In Ansys Mechanical, when a "body-to-ground" Joint is inserted, which of the following statement holds true? Select the best option.

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Things to remember when using Shared Topology are ______. Select the 2 best options.

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In Ansys Mechanical, when using Remote Points, which of the following considerations are important? Select the 2 best options.

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In Ansys Mechanical, which of the following coordinate system needs to be selected so that the axial, circumferential, and radial displacements can be reviewed after solving? Select the best option.

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Which statement concerning Cylindrical Supports in Mechanical is correct? Select the best option.

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If the user wants to obtain accurate surface stresses, which of the following stiffness behavior is best suited when using the Surface Coating feature?

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In a simulation, there are certain geometric details that can be excluded or modified to reduce meshing complexity and solution time while not affecting the outcome of the analysis. Select the two best options that are actions that match this statement.

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In the case of pressure vessels, _____ stresses are the average stresses along the thickness of the body whereas, the _____ stresses are linearly varying stresses through the thickness of the body. Select the best option containing the two missing words in correct order that completes the statement.

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In which of the following contact formulations is the displacements between contact bodies tied internally with constraint equations?

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Which of the following 2D Analyses are correctly matched with their Practical Application? Select the two best options.

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Which of the following settings helps to control the automatic contact generation? Select the 2 best options.

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Consider an model assembly with multiple parts. If we turn on weak springs, which of the following statements are TRUE? Select the best three options.

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Consider a situation where a Symmetry Region is utilized in a model, and a Remote Point lies on the plane of symmetry. Which type of Remote Point behavior is not supported on the plane of a Symmetry Region? Select the best option.

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To evaluate if a glass sheet of unifrom cross section has failed in a compression test, which of the following Stress Tool would be the most appropriate?

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