Simulation Quiz 1

Clothes Hanger Analysis

A clothes hanger is a hanging object which is in the shape of a human shoulder. A clothes hanger helps to avoid wrinkles in clothes, and clothes can be easily hanged or removed from the hanger. When clothes or even a heavy cloth is hanged on a clothes hanger, we usually see the hanger deform. In this problem, we will see how the clothes hanger made of different materials will deform under a light and heavy load. 

Follow instructions to set up the simulation and get results BEFORE starting the quiz. Download the instructions and necessary simulation files from here. 

Note: The Expected Completion Time for this quiz is 20 mins but, the Maximum Available Time to complete the quiz is 45 mins.

Total Available Time - 45 mins

Total Number of Questions - 15

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Understanding the Physics of Structural Mechanics - Simulation Quiz 1

Complete the simulation and have all the results ready BEFORE starting the quiz.

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Choose the BEST reason for analyzing the hanger with a Static Structural System instead of Full Transient System. 

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For System B (Structural Steel), the largest deformation in the x-direction occurs in which location? 


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Consider a separate case where the aluminum hanger is suspended under standard earth gravity using only a steel spring of length 10mm and stiffness 0.28N/mm, without any applied Force or Fixed Support.  (Do not setup or solve such a simulation.)  What will be the strain generated in the spring?  Select the option that is closest to the answer.  (Hint: the mass of the hanger can be found in the Details view of the “Geometry” branch.) 

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Choose the BEST explanation for the influence of material density in the static analysis of the hanger. 

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Compare the results between System A (Aluminum) and System B (Steel).  Which of the following statements is correct?  Select the BEST option. 

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Choose the BEST reason for analyzing the hanger as a flexible body instead of a rigid body. 

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What is the force reaction in the x-direction at the Fixed Support in System A (Aluminum)?  Pick the option that is closest to the answer. 

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Consider the triangular portion of the clothes hanger, with positive x-direction being the “right” side and negative x-direction being the “left” side.  For System B (Structural Steel), the Total Deformation is _____.  Select the BEST answer. 

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 For System B (Steel), which of the following statements is correct concerning the center of the horizontal member of the clothes hanger?  Select 2 best options.  Note that the use of the term “significant” is relative to the magnitude of total equivalent strain in the model.

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Of the six strain tensor components, which has the largest magnitude for System A (Aluminum)? 

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Select TWO effects of turning Large Deflection ON for this analysis

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Choose the BEST reason for turning Large Deflection ON

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For System A (Aluminum), Maximum Principal Elastic Strain is seen at which of the following locations?  



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What will be the ratio of equivalent stress and equivalent strain at the following point in Aluminum Hanger?

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The maximum equivalent elastic strain is located at _____  for System A (Aluminum)?


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