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Understanding the Physics of Structural Mechanics - Theory Quiz

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Select three options that are types of large deformation.

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Which of the following derived quantities is always a positive value?

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In simulation of a two-gear system, if the objective is to find out stress on gear tooth and reaction forces on the axes, what kind of geometry details can be safely removed from CAD geometry before proceeding to simulation? Choose two best options.

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The selected material for an engineered design is a metal. The material response behaves in a linear manner up until the yield point, after which the response is nonlinear with permanent deformation. Select the two most reasonable assumptions that can be made in a finite element analysis to calculate an accurrate strain field during operation.

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Which of the following descriptions are correct for the stress state of a block of metal located in the deep sea? Choose two best options.

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The reverse design process relies on topology optimization technology and can help an engineer determine the best shape of the structure for a given set of conditions. Which of the following statements are correct for the reverse design process? Choose two best options.

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In a static analysis, we assume that _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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A dog bone tensile test of polyethylene illustrates which two types of nonlinearites?

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What is the primary reason for fluid sloshing in a tanker truck during transportation?

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Consider two masses connected by a single spring, and the masses are only allowed movement in a single direction (1D). How many natural frequencies are there in this system?

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Spin softening is accounted for by adjusting the _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Which statement is true about a stress tensor? Choose two best options.

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Let us assume that there are two materials - "Material A" and "Material B". The stiffness and the density for Material A are both three times that of Material B. The ratio of natural frequencies for a structure made of Material A compared the same structure constructed with Material B will be _____. Complete the sentence with the best option.

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When we place a dead weight on top of a viscoelastic material sample, what phenomenon do we expect to see?

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Stress analysis of a part subjected to known, cyclical thermal loads can be performed using a _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Participation factor is dependent on _____. Select the best option to complete the statement.

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In a uniaxial stress-strain test, necking is generally observed before failure for which type of material? Select the best option.

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When a load is graphically represented in a harmonic response analysis, the load is plotted against _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Large strain formulation will always result in _____. Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which material option best characterizes aluminum prior to yielding?

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Which one of the following is true for strain measurement using the strain gauge?

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From the uniaxial tensile test, which of the following is a strain that may represent failure for a component?

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If von Mises stress is zero, which statement is true? Choose the best option.

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Consider a situation where there are two geometrically identical brackets, each made with a different grade of plastic that have different elastic moduli (stiffness). Both brackets are constrained and loaded in the same manner. Select two statements which are true, assuming linear response.

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Which analysis would we perform to study the stresses developed in a smartphone that is dropped from a certain height?

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Which of the following statements are correct for defining appropriate material models for a simulation? Choose two best options.

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A nonlinear analysis was performed of an engineered structure in operation, and nonlinear materials were defined. The resulting force-deflection curve showed the response to be linear. Which of the following statements is the most reasonable conclusion that can be made of the analysis?

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Which expression best characterizes rigid body motion in a structure?

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Which of these applications requires performing a dynamic analysis?

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Which of the following simulations must be done with flexible, rather than rigid, bodies? Choose two best options.

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Select the phrase that best describes the nonlinear nature of contact.

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Select the three statements that are correct regarding deformation.

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Which of these system properties does not warrant the use of a transient dynamic analysis?

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There are two cases of principal stresses: case 1 has $s_1$ = 20 MPa, $s_2$ = 0, $s_3$ = 0 while case 2 has $s_1$ = 40 MPa, $s_2$ = 40 MPa, $s_3$ = 20 MPa. Which of the following statements are correct? Choose two best options.

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Hertzian contact refers to frictionless contact between two bodies. A Hertzian contact between a rigid sphere and a flat elastic surface is considered to be nonlinear due to _____. Select the best TWO options.

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Which results can be obtained from mechanical simulations of flexible bodies under applied loads? Choose three correct options.

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What is the best way to determine if an analysis needs to include large deformation effects?

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Structural dynamics is the study of _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Which of the following statements is correct for dynamic analyses? Choose the best option.

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What is the definition of stress component $\sigma_{xy}$? Choose the best option.

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When we clamp and hold a viscoelastic material sample under a constant amount of displacement, what phenomenon do we expect to see?

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A natural frequency of zero Hz indicates that _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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In many cases, modes with frequencies much higher than those of the excitation are neglected because _____. Select the option that best completes the sentence.

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How can one identify the most important natural frequencies & modes for an excitation in a given direction? Select the best option.

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How is stress calculated in a particle of a body? Choose the best option.

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