Diseases and Treatments Overview — Lesson 1

Welcome to this course on self-expanding stents! We have some fantastic original videos and slides, hands-on workshops, as well as homework and quizzes.

One note before you start this course. The stent models we will show are either created by Ansys, developed by the ASTM F04.30.06 Task Group on Endovascular Device Test Methods, licensed (in the case of images and videos), or from referenced publications.  Sharing any of the content is prohibited without the consent of Ansys.

The human body relies on vessels to transport fluids such as blood, air and urine throughout the body. However, these vessels may become partially or completely blocked and require intervention. In the case of coronary arteries, the blockage is typically caused by plaque buildup.



This lesson provides an overview of diseases and treatments and sets the stage for our upcoming lessons. The focus is on a very common treatment: using a stent to help maintain the opening of a blocked vessel.



Lecture Video