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Understanding the Physics of Structural Mechanics ITC

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In a uniaxial stress-strain test, necking is generally observed before failure for which type of material? Select the best option.

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Which of the following components are shear stress components? Choose three best options.

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Consider the natural frequency of a single degree-of-freedom spring-mass system. What will be the ratio of the natural frequency of this system on earth compared to that of the system on the moon? Note that gravity on earth is ~ 6 times than that on the moon.

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Which of these properties dissipates energy from a system? Select the best option.

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What is the most appropriate analysis type to use when simulating two cars crashing in to each other?

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Which assumption best explains why a rotating shaft might appear to expand radially when small deformation formulation is used ?

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Which of the following derived quantities is always a positive value?

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Consider two masses connected by a single spring, and the masses are only allowed movement in a single direction (1D). How many natural frequencies are there in this system?

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Why are frequency domain analyses preferred over time domain analyses?

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There are two cases of principal stresses: case 1 has $s_1$ = 20 MPa, $s_2$ = 0, $s_3$ = 0 while case 2 has $s_1$ = 40 MPa, $s_2$ = 40 MPa, $s_3$ = 20 MPa. Which of the following statements are correct? Choose two best options.

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Which of the following equations defines 1D engineering strain?

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Why does large deformation introduce nonlinearity in the model?

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For structures that undergo vibrations under a constant load, the pre-stress state is often included in a modal analysis because _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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If we consider the inertial effects in a system, which of the terms from governing equations would it impact? The equations of motion are given by this equation:

$\left [ M \right ]\left \{ \ddot{u} \right \} + \left [ C \right ]\left \{ \dot{u} \right \} + \left [ K \right ]\left \{ u \right \} = F\left \{ t \right \}$

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Which unit represents a measure of strain?

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Which results can be obtained from mechanical simulations of flexible bodies under applied loads? Choose three correct options.

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What is the primary reason for fluid sloshing in a tanker truck during transportation?

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The selected material for an engineered design is a metal. The material response behaves in a linear manner up until the yield point, after which the response is nonlinear with permanent deformation. Select the two most reasonable assumptions that can be made in a finite element analysis to calculate an accurrate strain field during operation.

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When we place a dead weight on top of a viscoelastic material sample, what phenomenon do we expect to see?

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Consider a situation where there are two geometrically identical brackets, each made with a different grade of plastic that have different elastic moduli (stiffness). Both brackets are constrained and loaded in the same manner. Select two statements which are true, assuming linear response.

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Lagrange strain formulation is best characterized as _____. Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which type of analysis should be performed if we're interested in studying the response of a building to a specific earthquake profile?

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Select the phrase that best describes the nonlinear nature of contact.

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For a typical static analysis, what are some common ways of evaluating possible material failure? Choose two best options.

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A continuous system will have how many natural frequencies?

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When a load is graphically represented in a transient analysis, the load is plotted against ____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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When we clamp and hold a viscoelastic material sample under a constant amount of displacement, what phenomenon do we expect to see?

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Mode Participation factor and effective mass measure _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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A dog bone tensile test of polyethylene illustrates which two types of nonlinearites?

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Consider the case where we want to determine the maximum lateral deformation of a suspension bridge when subjected to oscillating wind loads at a given frequency. Which analysis type would be most appropriate for this situation?

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Select the three best options that are needed to prepare an engineering problem for simulation.

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If we introduce time-dependent material stiffness in a system, which of the terms from governing equations would it impact? The equations of motion are given by this equation:

$\left [ M \right ]\left \{ \ddot{u} \right \} + \left [ C \right ]\left \{ \dot{u} \right \} + \left [ K \right ]\left \{ u \right \} = F\left \{ t \right \}$

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What is the best way to determine if an analysis needs to include large deformation effects?

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Consider a one-dimensional bar with one end fixed while the other end has been extended by a displacement of $u_{0}$. The length of the bar = $L$. The one-dimensional stiffness of the material is $E$. If the strain over the bar is $u_{0}/L$, what is the stress over the bar? Choose the best option.

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Volumetric expansion occurs when all shear strain components are zero and all normal strain components are equal to each other (i.e., $e_{xy}=e_{xz}=e_{yz}=0$ but $e_{xx}=e_{yy}=e_{zz}$). Select the correct statement.

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What type of analysis is preferred for studying the stresses developed in an electronic componenet due to a drop from certain height?

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Which of the following statements are correct for stress in solid mechanics? Choose two best options.

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Which material option best characterizes aluminum prior to yielding?

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For any 3 by 3 stress tensor, how can one determine the three principal stresses? Choose two best options.

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Which statement is true about a stress tensor? Choose two best options.

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How can one ensure that the number of extracted modes sufficiently characterizes the dynamic response of a system in a modal analysis? Select the best option.

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Which of the following is a characterization of small strain theory?

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Which of the following statements are correct about principal stresses? Choose three best options.  

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The process of rolling ductile metals into desired shapes with rigid rollers best exemplifies which of the three types of nonlinearities? Select the best option.

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From the uniaxial tensile test, which of the following is a strain that may represent failure for a component?

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