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Understanding the Physics of Structural Mechanics ITC

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What is the most appropriate analysis type to use when simulating two cars crashing in to each other?

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A nonlinear analysis was performed of an engineered structure in operation, and nonlinear materials were defined. The resulting force-deflection curve showed the response to be linear. Which of the following statements is the most reasonable conclusion that can be made of the analysis?

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Consider a situation where there are two geometrically identical brackets, each made with a different grade of plastic that have different elastic moduli (stiffness). Both brackets are constrained and loaded in the same manner. Select two statements which are true, assuming linear response.

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Which of these applications require performing dynamic analyses? Select two best options.

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A tensile stress state in a pre-stressed modal analysis will tend to _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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What is the primary reason for fluid sloshing in a tanker truck during transportation?

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Which of the following is a characterization of small strain theory?

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In which of these applications is it safe to ignore inertial effects?

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Consider two masses connected by a single spring, and the masses are only allowed movement in a single direction (1D). How many natural frequencies are there in this system?

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Which statement is true about a stress tensor? Choose two best options.

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Volumetric expansion occurs when all shear strain components are zero and all normal strain components are equal to each other (i.e., $e_{xy}=e_{xz}=e_{yz}=0$ but $e_{xx}=e_{yy}=e_{zz}$). Select the correct statement.

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Which of the following descriptions are correct for von Mises stress visualized in principal stress space? Choose three best options.

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Which of the following derived quantities is always a positive value?

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As deformation increases, the difference between true and engineering strain _____.

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Which of these equations represents an undamped system?

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Which of the below statements are correct about local equilibrium? Choose three best options.

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Consider a one-dimensional bar with one end fixed at $u\left ( 0 \right )$ while the other end has been extended for a displacement of $u_{0}$. The length of the bar = $L$. Which of the following options best describes the boundary conditions of the problem?

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Consider a simulation of a steel beam of an office building where the maximum load capacity needs to be determined. What is the appropriate analysis type? Choose the best option.

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Which term in the governing equations accounts for the energy dissipated from damping? The equations of motion are given by this equation:

$\left [ M \right ]\left \{ \ddot{u} \right \} + \left [ C \right ]\left \{ \dot{u} \right \} + \left [ K \right ]\left \{ u \right \} = F\left \{ t \right \}$

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In simulation of a two-gear system, if the objective is to find out stress on gear tooth and reaction forces on the axes, what kind of geometry details can be safely removed from CAD geometry before proceeding to simulation? Choose two best options.

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When we place a dead weight on top of a viscoelastic material sample, what phenomenon do we expect to see?

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Large strain formulation will always result in _____. Select the best option to complete the statement.

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A dog bone tensile test of polyethylene illustrates which two types of nonlinearites?

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Response of a structure to cyclic loads is studied using _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Which material option best characterizes aluminum prior to yielding?

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Which of the following statements is correct for dynamic analyses? Choose the best option.

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When a material point is in equilibrium, how many unique terms are in its 3 x 3 strain tensor?

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Imagine a body of mass m is resting on a platform of mass $M$. Assuming that there is no friction between them, if we set the platform into motion from rest to a constant velocity, $V$, over a time $T$, what will be the net acceleration of the body?

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Which statement best defines strain?

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In many cases, the 3 by 3 stress tensor is converted to a 6 by 1 vector format, why is this? Choose two best options.

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Select the three best options that are needed to prepare an engineering problem for simulation.

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Mode Participation factor and effective mass measure _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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What are the main components needed to form the governing equation of a solid mechanical problem? Choose three correct options.

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Structural dynamics is the study of _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Simulation of the interference fit of an elastomeric O-ring in an installed condition involves which two types on nonlinearities?

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Let us assume that there are two materials - "Material A" and "Material B". The stiffness and the density for Material A are both three times that of Material B. The ratio of natural frequencies for a structure made of Material A compared the same structure constructed with Material B will be _____. Complete the sentence with the best option.

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Why does large deformation introduce nonlinearity in the model?

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From the uniaxial tensile test, which of the following is a strain that may represent failure for a component?

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The bending of a javelin thrown in air is an example of _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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How many independent components of shear stresses are in a stress tensor? 

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Hertzian contact refers to frictionless contact between two bodies. A Hertzian contact between a rigid sphere and a flat elastic surface is considered to be nonlinear due to _____. Select the best TWO options.

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Which of these is NOT a dynamic analysis?

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If the mass and stiffness matrices have dimensions of $n$ by $n$, then what will be the number of eigen frequencies?

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Spin softening always involves _____. Select the best option to complete the sentence.

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Which of the following makes a large strain calculation nonlinear?

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