Simulation Quiz

Total Available Time - 45 mins

Total Number of Questions - 4

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Platform Analysis — Simulation Quiz

Total number of questions - 4
Simulate the following cases using Antenna Toolkit before starting the quiz. For each case, create a new design and rename it.
Case A : Simulate wire dipole - Solution frequency of 2.4 GHz, export the .ffd file from ATK_2D far field setup.
Case B : Place wire dipole antenna created in case A on mast as shown in workshop.

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In case A, what is the range in which minimum value of the S11 parameter lies?

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In case A, what is the range in which maximum value of gain lies?

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In case B, what is the range in which the gain of the mast antenna lies for theta = -90 degree and phi = 90 degree?

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What happens to the gain of the antenna after placing it on mast? (Compare the results of case A and case B)

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