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Platform Analysis — Theory Quiz



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What are the additional advanced diffraction physics, SBR+ builds with?

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How can you setup the source fields for the SBR+ solver in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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SBR+ can be thought of as a hybridization of _____.
Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which rays are generated when an incident ray hits a penetrable surface in SBR+ solution type?

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What excitation is required to perform a HFSS SBR+ simulation?

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What file format is used in HFSS SBR+ for excitation?

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Which one of the following solvers uses GTD or UTD methods to paint currents on platform body?

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What is one way you can access the "Measure" command inside of Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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How do you perform a split operation on a selected object in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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How to export the source fields for SBR+ solution type in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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