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Stent Deployment

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This course is part of Self-Expanding Stents Simulation Certification. Finish all the courses associated with the Simulation Certification to earn the digital credential.

Stents are commonly used in the treatment of various vessel disorders and vascular diseasesmost notably coronary artery disease. While designing stents it is necessary to ensure their proper function and confirm that the stent meets the numerous objectives. These include opening the occluded vessel and withstanding repetitive movements while preventing breakage and failure due to varying loading conditions that could lead to fatigue.

In this course we will cover stent deploymentWe combine the crimped stent model into our vessel and plaque model to simulate delivery of the stent to a diseased artery with pulsatile loading
We also cover how to use simulation to improve stent design by demonstrating design points, design of experiments, response surfaces and optimization. Finally, we close out the course with a best practices and summary. Our lessons will cover these three main topics:

  • Interaction of the Stent with the Artery and Plaque
  • Using Simulation to Improve Designs
  • Best Practices and Summary

Each video-based lecture is accompanied by a printable handout. Most lessons have a step-by-step video-based workshop to follow along in Ansys Mechanical.

There are two homework simulations examples:

  • Fatigue evaluation of a deployed stent
  • Stent model changes to achieve convergence

Finally, the course wraps up with a quiz. Let's get started.

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