Theory Quiz — 5G Cross Dipole Antenna Array

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5G Cross Dipole Antenna Array — Theory Quiz



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Which of the following criteria is used to determine if a solution is converged successfully in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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Which method is used in newer generation of mobile communication to achieve diversity?

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Which polarization type maintains a constant magnitude of the electric field?

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Which two different polarizations of signal are used in dual polarized antenna?

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Orthogonal placement of two radiating elements in dual polarized antenna helps to provide _____.
Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which propagation effect does a diversity scheme try to mitigate?

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What steps are necessary to create a 3D Component from HFSS design in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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What is needed when using a waveport internal to a model geometry?

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Which of the following solution type is used to analyze the multi-conductor transmission lines in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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How do you access the Create Array command in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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