Theory Quiz — Antenna Toolkit

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Antenna Toolkit — Theory Quiz



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Why do we need an inset when feeding rectangular patch antenna with 50 ohm microstrip line?

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The attributes of any model object in Ansys Electronics Desktop can be accessed through _____.
Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which of the following excitation type is suitable for simulating a wire dipole antenna in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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What would be the length of the wire dipole antenna for 2.4 GHz frequency with radiation boundary condition using Antenna toolkit in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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A dipole antenna consists of _____.
Select the best option to complete the statement.

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Which is the correct path to access the Antenna Toolkit in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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Which option will produce a 3D radiation pattern of an antenna in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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What are the patch dimensions with following given parameters?
Center frequency = 2.4 GHz, Radiation boundary, Material FR4 epoxy, Substrate height = 0.8 cm (Use ACT Extension to get the result)

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Which parametric sweep can be performed inside of Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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What is the input impedance of a half wave dipole antenna?

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