Theory Quiz - Landscape Simulation

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Landscape Simulation — Theory Quiz



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What file format is required to connect spaceclaim active session in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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Which of the following can be used to calculate the power received by an antenna?

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Which of the following can degrade performance of the wireless communication?
A. Fading
B. Diffraction
C. Reflection

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Which setup is used for simulating electrically large models? (Choose best option)

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Which of the following statement/s is/are correct for active SpaceClaim session with Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT)?
A. SpaceClaim model is loaded as User Defined Model (UDM) after connecting to active session.
B. Any changes made to the model in AEDT will also sync with SpaceClaim model.

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Which of the following region type is used to model an electrically large object in Ansys Electronics Desktop?

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Which of the following are Hybrid regions supported by Ansys HFSS?
A. Radiation
B. Finite Element Boundary Integral
C. SBR + Region

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Which of the following simulation tool is used to predict the radio frequency interference (RFI) in a complex environment?

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